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回應: 開啟心得報告上船問題
admin 簡文章發表於2011年 03月 26日(週六) 00:09

心得報告功能, 剛剛我試了一下, 系統功能是 OK 沒有問題,


心得報告是 Moodle 1.5 之後不再支援的模組,

原因是 1.6 之後的 "線上文字作業" 可以完全取代 心得報告,

而且在 Moodle 2.0 心得報告功能是要被拿掉的.

The Journal Module has been disabled during install by default since Moodle 1.5 (when all Journals were converted to Online Assignments)

NOTE: From Moodle 2.0 you will no longer find the Journal module installed by default as part of your CVS version of Moodle. You'll need to install it separately from contrib. see [1] and [2]

In order to avoid data loss, the installation of the journal plugin on a Moodle 2.0 should follow the Upgrading to Moodle 2.0 guidelines. That discussion about the best way to upgrade contrib plugins to Moodle 2.0 could also be useful.

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回應: 開啟心得報告上船問題
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